Item of the Day: Vannen Art Watches

For the individual who’s always on time (or at least tries to be) and likes to look good doing it, Vannen Watches are fashion, art, and punctuality wrapped up in one adorable wrist piece that is cheaper and more unique than that Fossil you were probably scoping out at the mall earlier today.

What’s so great about this company in particular, is their exclusive collaborations with independent artists, punk bands and, most recently, TV shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead to create truly interesting and one-of-a-kind pieces only available online. The name “Vannen” even means “friends” in Swedish, which speaks exactly for the kind of customer experience they look to create and beautifully deliver. Not to mention they’re straight up too cute to boot and are assembled with tender care by hand in their small Los Angeles office.

I’ve been rocking their Descendents “Timeage” watch for the past week and it only leaves my body for shower time. Don’t worry, they are completely water-resistant, I just feel weird wearing jewelry naked. But feel free to go ahead with those hot tubs or cliff divings I’m sure you’re all up to. With prices varying from $32 to $80, it’s a solid deal, considering these are quality limited edition releases from insanely talented artists.

Alright, I’ll stop so you can check ’em out for yourself.

All images courtesy of Vannen.

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