Item of the Day: Uqllu Scarves

I know it seems like a weird time to be thinking about scarves considering THE HEAT OF A THOUSAND SUNS is upon us, but one of the only way to get through the hellish temperatures is to daydream about those cool autumn evenings when you get to wear long sleeves for the first time since spring and when scarves start to make sense again. That’s where Uqllu comes in. They’ve got some AMAZING scarves for fall/winter, so y’all better start stocking up now.

But listen up – these aren’t just fashionable scarves (they’re made from Alpaca!). Uqllu is a fantastic company that showcases the amazing craftsmanship of Peruvian men and women. Here’s a bit more about them:

Now THAT’S a business I can get behind. You can find out more about Uqllu and their designs at their website and follow them on Facebook here.