Item Of The Day: TWLOHA Sweatshirt

It’s that time of the year again where most of us are freaking out about what to buy for friends and family. Stressed out about all things holiday related. The holidays just seem to approach faster and faster every year! It’s also that time of year where loneliness strikes. To some it may be the hap-happiest time of the year, but to others it’s the most depressing.

That’s where To Write Love On Her Arms comes in. They’re an amazing organization that is dedicated to helping people who are struggling with depression, self-injury, suicide and addiction. They inspire those to get help, find hope and recover.

TWLOHA has an online store filled with awesome apparel. I always love when I purchase something and know it’s going to a good cause. To Write Love On Her Arms is similar to other organizations I’ve purchased from, like TOMS (giving shoes/glasses to kids in need), The Ally Coalition (donating to help the LGBTQ community) and Tie the Knot (fighting for marriage equality). When you purchase an item from TWLOHA, it goes towards providing treatment for a person in need.

I’m in love with the “People Need People” sweatshirt. The design is awesome. (If you’re looking to get me a Christmas gift, this is it.) Another one I love is the Reblog shirt with a quote by the organization’s founder Jamie Tworkowski. The quote became popular on tumblr, so they decided to make it a shirt!

These shirts are also a great conversation starter. I can’t even tell you how many people have noticed/asked about my TOMS shoes. It’s always cool to promote a company that’s actually doing some good in the world.

People need people especially during the holidays. You can find these and other sweet shirts and accessories here.

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