Item of the Day: Twistband

For going on 25 years now, I’ve always had a difficult time wearing headbands. “One size fits all” is hardly the case when it comes to my head – when they weren’t pinching me so tightly that I got a minor migraine from it, headbands also left little red indents on my head after little more than an hour of wear and made it next to impossible to wear glasses with.

Then I met the Twistband. Rejoice girls of all ages because these headbands are phenomenal. Stretchy, soft, colorful hair ties and headbands made out of elastic trim that I can wear for hours on end and not want to rip off midway through the day for a breather. Twistband makes it their mission to keep hair from being damaged and is secure on your locks while still providing a secure hold. Twistband’s headbands come in five different collections – solid, tie dye, metallic, printed, and skinny – with the ability to custom print available too.

Best of all, Twistbands are super affordable – headbands retail at $4 separately and a set of three headbands go for $10! Give your locks a little love by picking some up on the site today!

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