Item of the Day: “Thunderheart Bison” Small Zipper Pouch

BEHOLD: The perfect “inside-bag bag”!

Oh, I’m sorry, that’s my own made-up term? I am talking about a bag that is GREAT to have inside of a larger bag. We’re always lugging around so much, it’s crucial to have an inner layer of organization to tame the chaos.

Thunderheart Bison’s Small Zipper Pouch is leather and suede lined. Beyond just functional, it’s aesthetically pleasing and – bonus points – makes me feel rustic, like I’m not the type of girl that would use a silly term like “inside-bag bag.”

My pouch will be full of doodles, notes and the many small paper-y things that get crumpled and in the way of what I’m actually trying to fetch. Of course, it also works to house more traditional items like pins, cards and lip-gloss.

And, in case you saw the word “leather” and flinched, fear not! – Thunderheart Bison is Animal Welfare Approved and boasts “humane and sustainable practices, nose-to-tail.”

P.S. With Father’s Day around the corner, I’m also eyeing some of the cool macho goods!