ITEM OF THE DAY: The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook

Cookbooks are my JAM, lately. Pun…intended? Who knows, I haven’t made jam yet, but anything could happen. I’m into all kinds of cooking, from classic French cooking, to Linda McCartney’s vegetarian recipes. My latest joy is The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook by Pam Braun. Described as, “a cookbook and eating plan developed by a late stage cancer survivor with 225 delicious recipes for everyday meals using everyday foods” this cookbook is a must for anyone looking to eat healthy and simply. I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty good at screwing up in the kitchen, and this book didn’t let me do that ONCE!

Plus it’s got beautiful photos with anecdotes about Pam’s life. After she was diagnosed with late-stage fallopian tube cancer, she was given only a 15% chance of survival!

Note that Pam is not a doctor (though the book is endorsed by doctors) nor is she suggesting that food cures completely cancer. She saying, “I am a late-stage cancer survivor who defied the odds and in all probability shouldn’t still be here. But I am, and I believe with all of my heart that food is a major reason I survived to write this book. I knew there wasn’t much about the cancer journey that I could control, but I was going to make the most out of what I could control, mainly diet and exercise.”

So congrats to Pam Braun for kicking cancer’s ass and for giving us this ass-kicking book!

The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook, $14.81 on Amazon. Also available on Barnes & Noble. Paperback.