Item of the Day: The Toffee Twins Toffee

Toffee. Look at this toffee. Are you looking at this toffee? Do you like toffee? Do you dislike toffee? If you dislike toffee, you need to try this toffee. It is so good it short circuited my brain and now all I can say is toffee. Surrounded by other words. Toffee.

The Toffee Twins is a small family company founded by two twins who are — and this is very misleading — not made of toffee. They make toffee. And it is delicious.

Look. Look at this. Make your face look at this. Do you know what it is? It’s a close-up of their Oreo toffee.

What, you going to be weird about it? Just try it.

The rest of their nontraditional flavors are dark chocolate with sea salt, pretzel coconut, white chocolate cinnamon sugar, and then my favorite, the best thing I have ever tasted. You ready for this?

Yeah, that’s right. Milk chocolate potato chip toffee. It is delicious. I swear. Especially for those times when you’re craving something salty and sweet and you think, eff it, I’m going to combine them, I’m so young, so free, I have my whole life ahead of me.

Eat this toffee.

They also have vegan options. Contact them for pricing and more info.

Do it. Toffee. Face. In my face.