Item of The Day: The Period Store

Where has The Period Store been all my life??? Well not all my life, but at least for the past 9 years?

Let me break it down for you: The Period Store is an online service that sends a package filled with goodies and remedies to help make ‘that time of a month’ a little bit better. And the best part is: You get to customize your package!! It is extremely affordable, $15 to $30, with four tiers of choices. All come with Chocolate, Art, Meds and Tea! However, the price changes depending on how many products you want. Like to do your own product shopping? Skip that step and just get the treats sent to you.

They carry a variety of products, like Kotex, Tampax and always. But they also carry things like Diva Cups and Sponge Tampons for those feeling the all-natural approach. And don’t worry! What you order one month doesn’t have to be in next month’s package, unless you want it to. So, feel free to try all the products listed and find the one that suits you! Added bonus: Changing products month to month doesn’t change the price!

And, let me tell you, the packages DO NOT disappoint. I went the two-product route ($25), as pictured above. It had the most delicious salted dark chocolate that absolutely hit the spot when I just didn’t want to leave bed. The tea was soothing and contains herbs meant to help with your menstrual cycle. The artwork encouraged me to ‘love what makes me a lady.’ I was sure to hang that on my mirror for those especially rough mornings.

What products were in my package? (That sounds kind of dirty, I don’t know why.) Well, I got the sponge tampons cause I was curious. I don’t think I will be using them again, as they weren’t convenient for me. But hey, if that’s what you’re into, they have all different sizes to choose from! And my second was panty liners, because I always need those.

The package itself was adorable and it felt like Christmas morning opening it. It was packaged like a delicate present with cute tissue and a letter from the founders about the site. I also appreciated not having to go to the store and buy anything. I don’t know about you, but when I have my period, the last thing I crave is social interaction. I just want to cuddle up next to some reruns of Felicity and call it a day. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, The Period Store! You made my week!

The Period Store was conceptualized by friends Rubi and Ashley in 2010, and just recently became a reality. They hope to create an “honest discussion with other women about being a woman.” So show them some love, ladies!

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