Item of the Day: Teatube Test Tube Tea Infuser

There’s something wonderful about curling up with a warm cup of tea on a freezing cold night. I’m partial to mint myself, but there are a lot of varieties you might find yourself needing to test out.

That’s why you need to get this: ThinkGeek’s TeaTube.

Maybe you have a geeky lady in your life who will get a kick out of testing out an assortment of loose tea with this bad boy. Maybe you have a guy in your life who you can’t get to settle down with a regular old mug and bag but who will flip for this lab-friendly infuser.

Even I am breaking out the teas these days. It’s finally freezing in New York City, and for all my vocal adoration of coffee, I really can’t stomach it after a certain time of day because the caffeine will keep me up all night if I try. A good mug of tea though? I’m down. I want nothing more than to curl up with a mug of mint tea and a good book when the snow is falling.

Give me a little whimsy with a test tube infuser, and I’m doubly thrilled with my evening plans.

Image via ThinkGeek