Item of the Day: Swoon Dating App

Ah, the horrific and wonderful world of dating. It’s like a roller coaster ride, where terror and fun whoosh hand-in-hand up and down the rails of life. But sometimes it’s hard to pick which coaster you want to test out, even for only a few minutes.

Enter the Swoon dating app. Swoon brings together all my favorite things about the internet: anonymity, Facebook stalking and judging people. Just kidding, but no seriously, that’s part of the fun.

Swoon is available for Android and iPhone users alike and is super simple to use. All you do is link your Swoon account to your Facebook account and blammo – a profile is created and you can get Swooning!

Swoon presents you with photos of single matches in your area and if you like each other you can send a message and get dating. The best part is that the app is anonymous until a match agrees they like each other, so you can feel free to browse singles to your heart’s content without anyone being the wiser. Within moments of logging in, I was flipping through photos of singles in my area and was even able to see if we had any FB friends in common or any shared interests.

I also liked that I couldn’t be bombarded with random messages by strangers. You can only be contacted by someone if you agree you like each other. Which is how I wish things functioned in real life. And once you agree you might be a match the app let’s you chat right there in it.

Swoon is planning a few in-person single meet-ups, or “Swoon Ups,” for around the LA & Orange County area. All you need for admission is the app on your phone. So download the app and get  Swooning!
Available for download on your phone and for more info check out

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