Item of the Day: Susty Party Paper Goods

A few months ago I went to the Natural Foods Expo with fellow HelloGiggles writer Sean Morrow. We decided to go exploring after the first day to check out what was on the floor. In one corner of the giant ballroom, among incredibly elaborate presentations of all kinds of organic, gluten free food there was an adorable little display of paper plates, colorful straws and all sorts of pretty paper goods. My heart swelled! It was among the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Sean was like “Corinne let’s go get more free samples of chips!” but I was like “NO we must see what this is!” It was Susty Party, a company that sells adorable sustainable party goods.

Susty Party sells sustainable party goods like bowls, plates, straws, table cloths, cutlery and decorations. You can party completely guilt free since all of Susty Party’s products are compostable, made in the USA, and non-toxic! You can find out more information about how their products are made here.

Among my favorite products is their party kits. This is the party kit from October which gives you enough plates, cups, straws, and cute cutlery for 24 people.

Susty Party products are available in retail stores and can also be ordered online here. Be sure to check out their blog here for all sorts of awesome DIY crafts, recipes and inspiration! Respect Earth and party on!

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