Item of the Day: Sugarlesse™ Chocolate Truffles

Every single day around 2pm, I’m on the hunt for a sweet treat. It’s my daily sweets craving, and as much as I’d like to go cold turkey and kick it, I’m just not interested in being miserable until the craving passes. Plus, as long as I indulge in moderation, there’s no need to deprive myself a scheduled reward for my hard work. (Or because I have my period, or because I’m tired, or however I choose to justify it.)

I randomly came across these Sugarlesse™ Chocolate Truffles and they have become my new go-to afternoon snack. One truffle is only 100 calories. And that’s really all I need to satisfy the craving. All ingredients used are natural, kosher, GMO and gluten free. They’re perfect for anyone looking for a sweet treat that’s on the healthier side.

Buy ’em here.