Item of the Day: Sugar Sweet n’ Glow Hair Perfume and Shine Spray

I am not a person who wears perfume. For a minute when I was 11, I thought Chanel No. 5 was the way to go when it came to perfume, but then my mom told me that my Safta wears it and while I love my Safta, I don’t want to smell like my grandmother. I want to smell like me. So I stopped being into perfume… that is until I discovered the Sugar Band version of perfume, where you can smell like you’re walking around Dylan’s Candy Bar all the time. And that’s what it’s like wearing Sugar’s Sweet n’ Glow Hair Perfume and Shine Spray. It smells like sugar! Sweet and awesome! I absolutely lovelovelove it. And you can find it online for $12.

Let me repeat: $12. It’s something a person with an allowance like me can afford.

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