Item of the Day: StoryWorth

During the holidays, there’s nothing more fun than getting the family together and sharing stories, old and new. You get to re-tell the classic family tales, be they embarrassingly hilarious, legendarily triumphant, or just plain old anecdotal. Truly, the best gift of all is getting to know your loved ones even better. And the way to give that gift? StoryWorth! An easy and fast way to gift the gift of storytelling, with a 21st century twist.

StoryWorth is a simple and accessible way to gather your family history. An online service that can be purchased and gifted to loved ones, StoryWorth emails a question once a week to invited members. The questions are “storyworthy,” inviting answers to prompts like “What was your favorite childhood story?” or “What holiday traditions did you have growing up”. Responses are then saved in a digital storybook the whole family can view and comment on. The stories can even be made into printed books, a tangible heirloom for years to come – or at least written proof that your family is crazy. This is the perfect gift to give at Christmas and is really a gift to yourself (score!). You get to unearth all sorts of blackmail material, fun tidbits about your family and have real conversations instead of bits and bobs of texts or puny comments on Facebook and Instagram. StoryWorth helps prompts conversations you might otherwise never have. And of course (thankfully) everything shared on StoryWorth is totally private.

And if you have a not-so-internet-savvy relative, fear not! StoryWorth has a feature that allows members to record stories by phone.

All plans include the following features:

  • Invite up to 6 family members to write their stories.
  • Write your stories by email and on the web.
  • Record audio stories with a phone call.
  • Upload pictures and audio files.
  • Save and edit all your stories on
  • Share your stories with as many family members as you wish.
  • Download a copy of all your stories at any time.

The best part is the first month is absolutely FREE, so you can test it out and see if it works for you and yours. Need a last minute gift? You can send the  “Stocking Stuffer” special ($25 for 6 months) on Christmas Day. They also offer a Standard Plan ($49/year) and Deluxe Plan ($99/year; includes printed book). So head on over to and start the conversation, sharing is what this season’s all about!

Images via StoryWorth