Item of the Day: Sticky Bellies

I love doing Item of the Day Mommy pieces, and this one is truly adorable! Sticky Bellies is a company that makes special milestone stickers for children’s clothing. They come in packs, with month-by-month age markers that can show off how old your little one is, which is really cute for pictures! Do you take family pictures every holiday? You can put one of the age stickers on the front of their shirt and you won’t have to rack your brain years from now trying to figure out how old Little Bella was on Halloween 2014 in that cute little picture you have framed in your living room!

They come in great designs, and have holiday-themed stickers. With Valentine’s Day coming up, the Happiest Holidays collection is perfect! It comes in a pack of 13 and is only $10.  And for expecting mommies, there are milestone pregnancy stickers, which is really cute for the monthly pregnancy photo! They also have a new line for boys and girls and gender neutral stickers.

Even after you take them off, they still stick very well, as long as you put it back on the wax paper it came on. They’re made from a really thick sticker paper, not like regular store-bought stickers that lose their stickiness after a little while, or are easily torn, so they work great on t-shirts and other clothing items. They are also CPSIA compliant and contains no lead, BPA or phthalates, which means they’re totally safe for your baby, but should only be used on clothes.

You can order them from their website, at, with free shipping everyday, or you can find them at Destination Maternity and a variety of other stores, listed on their website.

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