Item of the Day: Starbucks Iced Coffee

Is there anything better in the warmer weather than a Starbucks iced coffee? My usual order is a trenta (yep, 30 oz, baby!) iced red eye with milk and packets of Stevia I always keep in my purse because I’m psychotic like that. However, sometimes I want Starbucks and I’m not near one and, not being a fan of the energy coffee drinks, I’ve been wishing they’d bottle their regular brew for sale… and now they have!

Starbucks have released their iced coffee in bottles – four varieties, in fact! There’s iced coffee with fat free milk, iced with 2% milk, vanilla iced coffee and a caramel flavour, too. Newsflash: they’re all amazing! They’re all lightly sweetened with actual sugar – just enough, in fact. I seriously could drink these all day and totally would if I wasn’t going off sugar and trying to drink more water. I LOVE YOU, STARBUCKS.

Seriously – grab these as you head out for the day from your local store. Just be sure to label them before you put them in the office fridge, because someone is bound to steal them.