Item of the Day: SNS Jewelry Studio Moonstone Bracelet and Ring

I’m very picky about my accessories. While I once bonded with Carnie Wilson over our love of cheap costume jewelry, I also like to have one or two really nice (read: perhaps slightly expensive) pieces to really knock it out of the park when I’m out and about. That’s where SNS Jewelry Studio comes into play.

The moonstone ring and bracelet are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Definitely the nicest, classiest accessories I own and ones that have earned me several compliments literally every time I’ve worn them out. People always want to know where I got them and someone even asked me if they were custom made. They weren’t, but they might as well have been!

Both pieces are sterling silver and the bracelet is made with organic, freeform moonstone while the ring is made with rainbow moonstone. If you’re not familiar with moonstone, both the Romans and Greeks used to associate the gem with their gods and goddesses. I like to think of myself as a goddess, so the correlation was natural (I kid).

The best part is that while the moonstone gems themselves are white, they catch light and turn this gorgeous blue shade. Seriously, I’m in love with this ring and bracelet and consider them to be two of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

You can check out SNS Jewelery Studio’s entire collection of pieces on their website, where you can also contact them for price inquiries or to place an order. Also, if you’re in NYC, they’re located on West 48th Street. In the words of the great Donna Meagle from Parks and Recreation: Treat. Yo. Self.