Item of the Day: Smart Dog Leash

I have an unhealthy obsession with my dog. He’s my best friend and my little prince. So when we go on walks, I always want to make sure we have everything he could want or need. Let’s be real, though – carrying a bag of treats, a bottle of water, a dish for that water and/or a flashlight if it’s getting dark out would be insane to bring along each time. Luckily, Fred Flare has come to my rescue once again, and they’re selling the Smart Dog Leash.

This leash has everything (Stefon voice); a clock, a flashlight, a water dish, a compartment for water, a treat compartment, a poop baggy holder, it’s retractable AND it comes with a human fanny pack. You know, that thing where… Just kidding. No human fanny pack. But it has everything else!

I love it so much. And because it has everything my little man needs, he has a blast on our walks now.

When we get home, he looks like this.

Get your Smart Dog Leash here!

Stefon image via