Item of the Day: SHADE Sweatshirt By EVERYMAN (Limited Edition)

When I first saw this bad mamma-jamma on the only Kardashian I could see myself being friends with (Khloe, obviously), I immediately started Googling. I’d been wanting to embrace the graphic sweatshirt trend since last fall, when I was doing some work at New York magazine and incessantly spied on the super-cute fashion editors who were creating an inspiration boarding of sweatshirt amazingness. They probably thought I was such a creep. I was constantly craning my neck to see what I was supposed to love next. Seriously, all the time. I dusted off my kitten heels before that issue even hit stands.

So when my sleuth-like Google skills took me to EVERYMAN (a NYC street artist you should love/follow/support), I quite literally squealed out loud. I LOVE SWEAT-CLOTHES! And this has SO many layers of awesome. How do I love thee, SHADE sweatshirt? Let me count the ways:

1. SHADE: Shade is the word, is the word that you heard. It’s got groove, it’s got meaning. You’ve been schooled. It’s happening. Use it. Embrace it. Throw it.

2. Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield: They are babes. They are magically babelicious. They are robo-babes. In Latin, they would be called “babia-majora.” If they were a president, they’d be Baberham Lincoln. SCHWING, basically. This photo is from a publicity event for Sophia and her shade speaks volumes. She and Jayne, as competitive starlets, had a competitive and often times tense relationship. So of course, when Jayne brought her boobies to the table like that at Sophia’s event, that shit did NOT fly. It’s pretty much the best.

3. It is limited edition. If you have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), this is an especially important detail. You’ve been warned: Don’t say I never invited you to the sweatshirt party.

4 This thing is SO soft and comfy and totally unisex if you are a girl with homosexual male friends. Ladies, gird this thing like you would your loins around Charlie Sheen. People are going to freak.

Want one? TOO BAD. Just kidding. You can (and should) buy it here. It’s everything. (And also comes in a t-shirt version, btw.)

Featured image courtesy of EVERYMAN

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