Item of the Day: Scratch Nail Wraps

The other day I was feeling artsy and decided to try these amazing watermelon nail wraps from Scratch! Right away, I could tell the quality was much better than any of the other stickers I have ever used, and trust – I do my nails a lot.

The application process is super easy. You just clean and file your nail to your liking. Then you pick which sticker fits, peel off the plastic and stick it on your nail. You just smooth it over and voila. It basically trims itself, as well. If you just bend it over you nail, the excess just breaks off. I used a file to shape some of the more jagged edges on my shorter nails, but you only have to do that if you want to. Then you just use your favorite topcoat to seal the deal.

The result is amazing. It took maybe 10 minutes to do both hands and they look professionally manicured. Literally everyone has stopped me since applying the stickers to ask me how I did them and where I got the stickers. They are so original and the colors really pop. They don’t look like stickers, either. Everyone thinks I have some crazy gift or hidden gem of a nail salon.

And not only are the designs amazing, they are also kind of exclusive. Every month, Scratch features a new artist, releasing only three nail designs. Once they sell out, they are gone. So know that when you buy a nail wrap from Scratch, it is a limited edition!

Also, Scratch is a company made up of just two lovely ladies, Chelsea Kent and Kim Rocque, whose passions are connecting artists with their community and giving them a new avenue to share their beautiful creations!

You can learn more and purchase Scratch Nail Wraps here!

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