Item of the Day: Scoodie from Stolen Sunday

I love hoodies. I love scarves. Wearing them together can be a little tricky though. Do you wrap the scarf under the hood and drape in front? Or do you tie the scarf ends in a knot and rest the wrapped layers on top of the hood. Tough decisions, you guys. Plus, hoodies are casual. Whereas scarves add a level of delicate class to an outfit. Well, this is one fashion problem that we no longer have to endure.

Stolen Sunday is all about cozy, beautiful scarves. And they’ve taken the two best apparel items in the universe and morphed them into one. Meet the Scoodie. It’s a scarf with a hood, and it’s amazing. They have several colors and styles, and the Newport Scoodie (pictured above) is reversible! These make great gifts for all of your hoodie and scarf-loving besties. Or better yet, get one just for you.

Order yours here.