Item of the Day: S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Exfoliant

I consider myself an aficionado of skincare products, so I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t discover S.W. Basics of Brooklyn until my girl Hayley from Paramore put me on. A few weeks later, I had a package of their full line of products and about 20 seconds after that, I was in love.

Really, this Item of the Day could be for the entire line of products from S.W., but I’m a little more than obsessed with the exfoliant at the moment, so we’ll focus on that. Their business model is simple: natural, organic ingredients are best for our skin – forget dyes and perfumes and all that nonsense, because they’re not necessary. For instance, the exfoliant has only three: organic oat flour, organic almond flour and sea salt. That sounds pretty “basic” (pun sorta intended, I suppose), but here’s the honest truth: it’s the best exfoliant I have EVER used on my skin. After one use, my face felt silky smooth and was absent of the annoying flakiness that can come around this time of year. BINGO. I’m seriously in love with this stuff.

Of course, that’s not all they offer. S.W. also does a fantastic skin cream (coconut oil, almond oil and shea butter), facial cleanser (organic rosewater, vegetable glycerin and tea tree oil), makeup remover (organic almond, olive and jojoba oils) and even vegan lip balms and body scrub and OH MAN, it’s all so good.

If their products weren’t great enough on their own, S.W. has also made a Kickstarter for a “make-umentary” film they hope to put together, highlighting ethical and sustainable business practices, ingredient sourcing and more. That’s definitely something worth investing in, I think!

Check out S.W. Basics of Brooklyn’s products (and pick some up for yourself!) at their website HERE and donate a few bucks to their Kickstarter HERE if you agree with their message. You won’t be sorry!

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