Item of the Day: Royal Young’s ‘Fame Shark’

For anyone who has fanaticized about being in the movies, on the cover of magazines or lounging in your private villa in Belize, Royal Young’s Fame Shark is your summer read. For anyone who dreams of living in Manhattan, Royal’s tale of growing up in the city’s Lower East Side, pre-gentrification, is something that will make your heart for the city that never sleeps beat ten times faster. Some of the spotlight moments in Fame Shark include Royal getting in an on-set fight with Mel Gibson, his Dad bringing his erotic art into Royal’s high school class at LaGuardia and his young, emotional love affair with the daughter of an LA-based music mogul who named him Royal. Her last words to him: “You can’t use the name Royal anymore; you’re nothing without me.” To everyone who felt like an underdog and now gets to say, “I showed you!” this book is for you, the little people who made it big in their own special way.

Fame Shark can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and IndieBound.

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