Item of the Day: Rosewood Pantry Chocolate Chip Cookies

It might be a little redundant to name Chocolate Chip Cookies an item of the day since they should be an item every day, but hear me out. The newly launched Rosewood Pantry has gone above and beyond in the munchies department. These cookies put bubbie’s to shame (sorry, bubbie). A DISCLAIMER: Rosewood Pantry is completely gluten-free…but STAY WITH ME. Gluten-free is all well and good…especially for my celiac friends (shout out) and we know gluten is hard for most bodies to process; but sometimes gluten-free foods can feel a little wanting. From Rosewood Pantry themselves:

What’s good for everyone is good for me. HelloGiggles readers get 10% off their order for a limited time with the code HGRP10. What are you waiting for?