Item of the Day: Prive’s New Vanishing Oil

More than once during my childhood, I wished for the tooth fairy to leave me with silky, shiny hair, instead of her usual silver dollar rate per tooth. Sadly, she never granted these wishes. And what was I expecting, really? That’s not her job. Santa was the one to approach with unreasonable requests. I was basically just setting her up for failure.

Sorry, girl. Only-child-mentality or whatever.

I gave up on wishing for different hair and started learning how to manage the coif I was dealt. I have this weird combination of frizzy, wavy, straight, and fine going on at all times. Very Pam Beesly, season 3, but without the soft red hue. Predictable California weather has definitely helped and now I can get my mop to look exactly how I want it with the help of some amazing products. Color-safe conditioner, shine spray and volumizing gel used to be my daily routine. Until I found Prive’s new Vanishing Oil.

First of all, it’s enriched with Argan, Maracuja and Brazil Nut oils, which I don’t know too much about, but I know I’ve been seeing these words on every top shelf hair product in the store, so I’m pretty sure that means my hair needs them. It tames frizz and adds shine, hydration, and smoothness. Also, it’s considered a hybrid product for conditioning, styling and finishing. And it’s color safe. Boom.

Pick up the only hair product you’ll ever need here.