Item of the Day: “Pretenders” by Lisi Harrison

What if you could read the private journals of the five most popular people in high school? Would you? I know I would.

Pretenders is the story of the five most popular kids in school, all of whom were required to keep a journal as part of an ungraded English assignment. But when one of these five steals and releases the journals in an email to the entire school, worlds collide and alliances crumble.

An excerpt from the book: I am leaking these because I’m tired and I know you are too. The success bar is too high and pretending has become the only way to reach it. Instagrams are filtered, Facebook profiles are embellished, photos are shopped, reality TV is scripted, body parts get upgraded like software, and even professional athletes are cheating. The things we believe in aren’t real. We are pretenders.

The book is written in journal form, from the POV of these five characters. Anyone reading this book will be instantly hooked, and will identify with at least one of the characters.

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