Item of the Day: POPOUT Clothing, Outerwear for Kids

I recently got this adorable jacket from POPOUT Clothing for my daughter. POPOUT is this imaginative line of outerwear for kids. My daughter Mia has the denim jacket with a cute little butterfly design on the back. The special part of it is, the butterfly wings have “pop-out” holes on the back that allow you to see the clothes they are wearing underneath. The first day my daughter wore it, she had on a blue and white striped shirt so it looked pretty cool underneath, as if the butterfly was designed with blue and white wings. It’s honestly one of the cutest little jackets I’ve ever seen for a kid. Not that I’m some fashionista, but my kids seem to be, seeing as how sometimes they dress better than I do!

POPOUT also have several other designs, like stars, unicorns, skull and crossbones, hearts, and dragons. There are also vests, which have been seen recently on Charlize Theron’s little boy. While picking up my oldest daughter at school the other day, several other moms wanted to know where I got the jacket and told Mia she looked cute in it, which made her smile. Now only if they made their jackets in adult sizes, because I would for sure wear the unicorn design!

Images via PopOut Clothing

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