Item of the Day: POO-POURRI

With the exception of a few friends, “talking sh*t” is normally something I reserve for the privacy of my own mind. But today, I’ve decided to break that barrier in hopes of helping all neurotic number two-ers out there. As an anxiety-ridden bathroom user myself, I have found that there are some facts you just can’t change:

  • You never know when disaster may strike. There are times in your human life where you must use the bathroom unexpectedly. In order to relieve your perpetual bouts of pain and suffering, you are forced into using an “undesirable” bathroom facility. Having to share a bathroom in the workplace (especially under these circumstances) sounds like a friggin’ nightmare.
  • Your trip to the bathroom will likely result in an unpleasant odor, which can be embarrassing (especially if there are people waiting to go in after you). Am I the only one tired of these scented sprays being advertised as “odor eliminators”? Nothing says “I just pooped” better than a pungent cloud of manufactured lavender fresh out of an aerosol can.

While I cannot advise you (or myself, for that matter) on how to prevent unexpected attacks, I have found a viable solution that truly eliminates unpleasant odors without having to use an offensive air spray to mask it:

Say hello to POO-POURRI

According to their site:

Thanks to a dear friend of mine, I have been able to try out the original scent which includes lemongrass, grapefruit and bergamot oils (pictured above). Through my personal experience with Poo-Pourri, I am officially affirming this product’s effectiveness to you all.

Even if you don’t personally suffer from bathroom anxiety, Poo-Pourri can be a great asset to de-stinkify any bathroom imaginable. It’s also a great gift for any bathroom-sensitive friends you may have.

The next time someone accuses you of acting like “your sh*t don’t stink”, tell your accuser about Poo-Pourri. Maybe it’ll lighten up the situation? Just a thought!

Interested? Check out more Poo-Pourri products on their site.

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