Item of the Day: Plush Kitten Bouquet

Yeah, we get it. Valentine’s Day is all about flowers, chocolates, and diamonds. But that’s just boring and predictable. In fact, your loved one probably feels obligated to get you the same tired gifts year after year. Sure, you appreciate them. Who wouldn’t? But wouldn’t you like surprises, or be surprised for once? Also – don’t you really like cats?

What I’m poorly trying to get at is, this cat bouquet from ThinkGeek is amazing. At $50 bucks, it’ll last forever – or at least, much longer than the chocolate would. What you’ll get is 9 hug-worthy kittens (3 orange tabbies, 3 grey tabbies, and 3 white bundles of fluff) who were meant to love. While each little kitty is attached to a stem, they can be easily removed to line your bed and terrify the significant other that was kind enough to buy this for you. The folks at ThinkGeek also suggested another brilliant use for the stems – they can easily morph into toys for your real cats, by adding a bit of ribbon or string.

The kitten bouquet is wrapped in a darn romantic way: Your cats will arrive in a blue heart cellophane outer wrap, blue and white crepe paper wrap, and a silver bow with heart details. It’s (ahem) Purr-fect. Can you resist those blue beady eyes? I can’t. I mean, I might buy a few bouquets for myself. It’ll be like when Max proposed to Lorelai on Gilmore Girls by sending her a thousand yellow daisies, but substituting daisies with cats, and “Max proposed” with “I need more hobbies”.

In all seriousness, this would make one amazing gift. Ladies and gentleman, feel free to kitten-up your Valentine’s Day this year with quite possibly the most genius idea I’ve heard in quite some time.

Image Credit: Featured