Item of the Day: Petals for a Purpose

When Sydney Kallio, a young entrepreneur, was trying to figure out a way to try her hand at philanthropy the 18 year old looked towards some members of the community for some inspiration and the result was ‘Petals for a Purpose’. A family from her hometown of Taber, Alberta had made a trip to an orphanage in Ghana. For months prior to their trip they collected clothing, toys and medical supplies to bring to the orphanage, so Sydney decided that having a somewhat personal connection to the orphanage would add a special touch. The orphanage is not a publicly funded institution, but instead run by a woman named Agnes who has devoted her life to improving the lives of children.

Although Sydney could not personally go to Africa and aid these children she decided to use her skills to raise money to send to the children. For the past few years Sydney has been making accessories. What first started off as a hobby and an interest in fashion has blossomed into a small business. Members of her church and the school can been seen sporting Sydney’s designs. She decided to use her business to help. Her goal is to raise $1000 to send over to Agnes and the children.

Every weekend for three months Sydney along with a few friends, her mom and her grandma worked together to make 100 handmade headbands. The headbands are being sold for only $10 each and Sydney has decided that 100% of the profits will be donated. Every headband has a flower on it, which is why she has named the project ‘Petals for a Purpose’.

When I asked Syd if I could write about her and her project she was extremely excited, and she hopes that all of you will be too. So far she has only sold a few at local craft shows and online. She says, “…there are still tons in boxes waiting to be sold and waiting to help people in need.”

If you’re not personally someone who wears headbands that’s ok too. Sydney also makes some really cool jewellery, which could be perfect for you, a friend or maybe both. I have had the privilege of being friends with, taking pictures for, and now writing about Sydney and I truly believe that she has an amazing talent and is an even more amazing person.

For more information you can check her out on Etsy or Facebook.

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