Item of the Day: Parada Creations

Sometimes when I am feeling under-the-weather, or just sad for no reason; if it is a full moon, or I am PMSing, or maybe it is just a Tuesday (I hate those), I go searching around tumblrs and Etsy to find beautiful words. It is not hard to do. I am lucky to be an angsty twenty-something in the year 2013 because discovering inspiration comes from a Google search.

But this was a great find–like a really, really great find.

ParadaCreations, Susana Parada’s Etsy shop, is full up of beautiful things. Words, illustrations, and subject matter that is right up this astrologically interested young woman.

ParadaCreations has everything you could want to put up on your wall: geography, kids’ stuff, personalized prints, bikes, books, inspiration, and as aforementioned, zodiac signs.

Susana was kind enough to let me use the rights to her zodiac print for the horoscopes posted on HelloGiggles, so you Giggles girls should thank her by perusing the beautiful work she has featured in her shop!

All images via ParadaCreations