Item of the Day: Padraig Slippers

I’m not sure how else to introduce these little ovens of joy for your feet other than by telling you, that these are the best slippers in all of the land. Padraigs are hand made in North Vancouver (it’s cold there, so they know a thing or two about toasty toes) and are just about the comfiest, warmest things you could put on your feet. I can’t rave enough about them. I own a pair and have even bought a pair for both my parents. The bottom is hand-cut sheepskin and the material is crocheted hand spun wool.

It’s an amazing small business to support. The founder of Padraig Cottage made her first pair of slippers for her son in 1977 and the rest is history. They now employ over 33 artisans!

There is a variety of slipper options. My personal favorites are the Crofter Slipper.

Take a peek, make a purchase. You’ll absolutely love them!

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