Item of the Day: “Outside the Lines: An Artists’ Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations”

For every 10 people that have criticized me for “not growing up”, I’ve been lucky enough to find a likeminded soul that gets me. Your age is what technically makes you an adult or not. The way you conduct yourself and the way you use the knowledge you’ve acquired throughout your life determines this as well. Not the shoes you wear (I will keep my Chucks, thanks), not the shows you watch (if there’s a Ren & Stimpy marathon on, you know where to find me) or the music that you listen to (Britney Spears is timeless), or even the activities you enjoy (board games, puzzles and coloring books have a minimum age recommendation on the front, not an age limit).

When I found Outside the Lines: An Artists Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations, curated by Souris Hong-Porretta, I felt like I was home. The coloring book is for big and small kids and includes line drawings from video game artists, graffiti artists, musicians, designers, etc. Artists include: Keith Haring, Mel Kadel, Shepard Fairey, Laurie Lipton, Gary Baseman, Frohawk Two Feathers, AIKO and more. The designs are mesmerizing, and you have the creative freedom to color them and add whatever feeling you think fits.

You can buy the book here, here, and here.

BONUS FOR LA LOCALS: If you’re in the LA area this Saturday (9/21) you can attend the book launch party for Outside the Lines. Enjoy DJ sets by Shepard Fairey and Jega; book-signing by select artists featured in the coloring book; and activity stations for drawing and coloring. Refreshments will be provided. Here’s the invite!