Item of the Day: Out of Print Clothing’s ‘The Metamorphosis’ Sweatshirt

I’ve always been a book lover, so other items that contain references to books – phone cases, journals, jewellery and clothing – really appeal to me, especially when they’re cleverly done. That being said, I lost my damn mind when I discovered Out of Print Clothing, the company whose mission is to “explore the world’s great stories through fashion”. And indeed they do just that.

I’m a sweatshirt girl through and through and was really torn on which of their amazing ones to get – I love the Watership Down top (that’s one of my Top 5 books in life) so much, and the Hamlet one is gorgeous, as well. However, it was the Metamorphosis shirt that I eventually decided on because I love green and because Kafka’s super weird, just like yours truly. The quality is AMAZING – it’s thick enough to keep you warm and washes well but it won’t overheat you like some sweatshirts. The fit is awesome (unisex sizing FTW) and basically I’m telling you I’m in love. With a sweatshirt.

Quite possibly the cutest part of all this is that the tag that comes on the items is made to look like an old library card, complete with check-out dates and signatures. WHAT? SO ADORABLE.

If you needed any more reasons to check out Out of Print’s offerings, you should know that for every item sold, they donate one book to their partner Books For Africa to bring literature to kids and adults throughout the world. Such an amazing cause with amazing items. Ugh, someone hide my debit card before I spend every penny I own on this site!

‘The Metamorphosis’ unisex long sleeve top is available for $42 (along with the plenty of other amazing items) on Out of Print Clothing’s website.