Item of the Day: Olive & June Nails

HG loves nail art. Indubitably. Without question. Hours worth. Days worth. Nails of the Day, anyone? Finally, Angelenos (and those making an upcoming pilgrimage, trust me, it’s worthy) will have a new mecca where they can celebrate all things nail-related. And what, you may ask, is this grail of a place? It’s called Olive & June. SIGH. Founder Sarah Gibson Tuttle crafted this perfect name from a marriage of her great-grandmother and grandmother’s names …respect for the generations that really pioneered nail art? Love it. Check out their mission statement below:

“Olive & June is new kind of neighborhood nail salon founded on the idea that getting a manicure and pedicure should be downright lovely. We keep all of your preferences on file. We make it our business to know if you like to have your cuticles pushed back, drink coffee or tea, or if you’ve committed to Geranium on your toes. Our talented nail technicians care about their work and your experience. Collaborations with our favorite beauty companies ensure our signature services and exclusive products deliver results. We hope the time you spend with us is the best part of your day.

Make yourself at home.”

All this AND they make it their mission to use mostly organic products, keep costs low and genuinely make you feel cared for. They have a menu of treatments, with AMAZING names and even better execution. Who doesn’t love a good menu? Olive & June fills that salon sized space in our hearts that lives somewhere between divey and wallet-emptying. Lest this veer too far off topic — let’s talk their exclusive, NCLA Nail Wraps. The wraps are available for purchase, have amazing staying power and, say it with me, the best designs, hands down. They have galaxy, they have orbit, they have creative input from amazing artists.…They’re IT. and O&J is one of the first salons to exclusively carry and use these amazing gems. Get in the know. Olive & June opens for business August 21st, with EXTENDED HOURS for working girls (and guys). Breathe easy.

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