Item of the Day: Now This News

I’ve had an iPhone since 2007 and I’ve only ever used two apps: Instagram and Twitter. Both are social apps that I thought I was using to keep up with my family, friends and comedians that can make me laugh in a sentence.

It turns out, I actually rely on Twitter and Instagram for more than cute pictures of babies or Rob Delaney – I’ve become semi-reliant on these sites for more important things… like THE NEWS. I’ve found out about many recent news stories through these sites – and sometimes that’s fine. It’s instant and easy to access. But here’s the thing: there is no accountability for anyone posting anything on Twitter or Instagram. You can literally post whatever you want – and there’s no one there fact checking information for you. Of course, you can follow news outlets but that’s primarily going to be a headline followed by a link to longer articles that, if we’re being honest, you probably won’t read at a red light, or during a commercial break, or during the five minutes of spare time you get in your hectic work day.

Nothing is curated specifically for our mobile devices. News stories that are broken down with graphics, facts and a reporter giving us what we need to know in the format we need it in, and more importantly, in the time we want it in.

Until now, Now This News has committed to “building the first video news network for the mobile and social generation”. And it works. It’s real news, from reliable, smart, veteran journalists and producers who we can trust with gathering and sharing this content for us. The backgrounds of the people in charge of Now This News range from Huffington Post founders and CEO’s, CNN executives, ABC News executives, Washington Post Executives, VICE producers and many more.

And their goal? To make it easier for us (people who are constantly looking at our mobile devices) to get important and desired information in a way that’s modern and efficient. The primary mediums of garnering information have changed and so should the way the news is presented to us. And now, thankfully, someone is doing it.

You can scroll through all the content in the app or choose between US politics, entertainment, world, sci/tech, viral and food. You can watch, save, and share videos at the click of a button.

Did you download it yet?

Did I mention it’s FREE?

….did I say you’re welcome? YOU’RE WELCOME.

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