Item of the Day: “Notes to Boys: And Other Things I Shouldn’t Share in Public” by Pamela Ribon

Teen years – ugh. I look back at my own with such embarrassment and disgust. I thought I knew everything…about everything. I thought I knew more about love than my parents, who married young and are still together. I thought I knew more about life than every teacher, mentor, coach, or authority figure that crossed my path. In reality, I knew nothing. Nothing beyond the intensity of my adolescent emotions.

But really, that’s kind of the beauty of teen years, isn’t it? Every single moment is worthy of CAPS LOCK because it’s just that big a deal. I have stacks of journals recapping every OMG moment of my teen life that I’m terrified to open. And it turns out, I don’t even need to relive my own adolescence, because Pamela Ribon captures the teenage experience with heartwarming and cringe-inducing accuracy in her new book.

Notes to Boys: And Other Things I Shouldn’t Share in Public is a “mortifying memoir” from bestselling author and TV/film writer Pamela Ribon. Miserably trapped in small town Texas with no invention of the internet in sight, Ribon spent countless hours of her high school years writing letters to her (often unrequited) crushes. The big question is: Why did she always keep a copy for herself? Wince along with Ribon as she tries to understand exactly how she ever thought she’d win a boy’s heart by writing him a letter that began: “Share with me your soul,” and ends with some remarkably awkward erotica. You’ll come for the incredibly bad poetry, you’ll stay for the incredibly bad poetry about racism.

This book is hilarious and you will definitely laugh out loud. Pre-order your copy here!