Item of the Day: Noonday Collection’s Jones Design Journal

As an adult, I don’t really get to partake in back-to-school shopping. But I still use this time of year as an excuse to treat myself to some new goodies. Whenever I fill up a journal, I need to have my next one on-deck and ready to go.

I found the Jones Design Journal from Noonday Collection and fell instantly in love. It’s made from recycled paper and I’m surprisingly psyched that it isn’t lined inside. Before, I don’t know, maybe I felt like I needed the structure of the lines to clearly express my thoughts. But the unlined pages are way more fun. Guess what? I’m a bit of a doodler now. Who knew?! And I don’t feel the same pressure to fill up a page if I have a quick thought I want to jot down.

And the best part, is that it’s from Noonday Collection. I’ve told you a little bit about them before, but let me reiterate just how rad they are. Noonday Collection is an accessories company that uses the creative design talents of artisans in impoverished communities to bring unique items to its customers. And the artisans are given health and education benefits as a way to take care of their families. Every item they sell has a story. And every journal has a photo and the story of the artisan who made it.

Here’s the artisan who made my journal:

Thank you, Asma, for the love you put into making this.

Order yours here!