Item Of The Day: Neckie

It’s that time of year again where the weather gets cooler (well, here in New York) and all you want to do is wear nice comfy clothes.  A lot of people call it hoodie or flannel weather. I wear hoodies all year round, so I changed it to neckie weather.

Neckies are like hoodies, but instead of a hood on a sweatshirt, it’s a long neck. My sister discovered them at H&M last year and ever since we’ve been obsessed. The name “neckie” actually came from my friend’s boyfriend. He wears them all the time and she said he calls them that.

They’re located in the men’s section of H&M, but honestly, half the stuff there can be unisex. If you’re looking for an insanely comfy sweatshirt, look no further. Perfect for a snow day. Just throw on a beanie with it. Perfect to keep your neck warm on cold winter days. Perfect to hide your face when you see someone you know and don’t want them to see you.

I’ll leave you with a selfie to show how much I love them. (This is my roar face.) You can pick one up at your local H&M or buy one online here!

Side note: I googled “neckie” just to see if it means anything else. According to Urban Dictionary, it’s a nickname for a necrophiliac. It’s also some kind of scarf thing. Let’s just ignore that. Clearly, a sweatshirt with a long neck should have that name.

Featured image via lyst.

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