Item of the Day: Naya Shoes

I am very picky about shoes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love shoes and have tons of them, but I do a lot of walking, standing and sometimes running (after kids, to catch a shopping cart from rolling, racing my kids up the stairs). As a mom, my shoes have to withstand shopping trips, the playground and drop offs and pick-ups at school. Not that I don’t have heels, I have heels, I’m just not wearing them to do everyday things. And they have to be comfortable. Recently I got a pair of Naya boots, which I’m super happy about because they’re really cute, quite fashionable and surprisingly comfortable!

So far, I’ve worn them with a short dress, leggings, jeans and just around the house because my girls wanted me to pretend to be a cowgirl with them!

There’s a pretty large selection of Naya boots and shoes, and honestly, I liked all of them. They all have a cushy footbed with arch support, which is awesome. The ones that really caught my eye were the Sandy Western Booties. They are these Cowgirl-style blue boots in Military blue. They also come in Malt taupe leather, both with a side-zip closure. They are also made from environmentally-preferred materials, whenever possible.

They are currently available at Nordstrom and are part of the Naya Shoes Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Along with the Sandy boots, they have a selection of other boots, shoes, sandals and flats. I think I may get the Agave boots next!

Photo via Naya Shoes

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