Item of the Day: Natura Health Seasonal Support

I’ve been kind of obsessed with Natura Health for years. My body doesn’t do well with over the counter flu medication, so I was beyond excited when I first discovered their T&G spray, and its magical ability to kick colds out of my system within a day or two.

Now they have a whole seasonal support line for flu season, and it’s amazing. Because they’re all about natural medicine, these supplements focus on giving your body what it needs, so it can get rid of whatever cold or flu it’s dealing with faster (as opposed to over the counter flu remedies that target symptoms and just leave you zoned out for a week while you wait to get over whatever plague you caught).

I can’t give this stuff enough love. Even my mom, who isn’t big on natural medicines, tried to swipe my T&G spray after trying it during a particularly awful cold. I always have some on me, and will probably offer it to you if you sniffle within 5 miles of me.

You can get yours at