Item of the Day: My First Kafka

Of all the things your childhood offered, don’t you wish there had been more Kafka in it? If only there was a children’s book that simplified some of Kafka’s best stories to make them more palatable to a young audience, and yet still enjoyable for you too, now that you’re all grown up.

Oh wait, someone did, and his name is Matthue Roth, and he’s basically the best ever. My First Kafka is kind of my new obsession, especially how The Metamorphosis is turned into poetic little stanzas, and how Rohan Daniel Eason’s drawings illustrate the stories wonderfully. I mean, this is meant to be a children’s book, but it’s really for everyone. It’s a great coffee table book for making all your friends wish they were more like you.

You can get your copy HERE and then enjoy it while being the coolest kid on the block.