Item of the Day: Moleskine Academic Planner

I know we live in a digital world, I get that. But for my day-to-day tasks, I still need a pen and paper. My notebooks sometimes just turn into “To Do List” logs and you know what the original “To Do List” log was? A planner.

With the school year quickly approaching (I mean, my mom’s a teacher so though I haven’t started a new school year in…a while, I still think in school years), you’re going to need a great planner to get you through it.

I always looked forward to starting a new school year because I’m a huge sucker for school supplies and I love this planner by Moleskine because you can ROTATE it. You can choose to write in it horizontally or vertically and that is amazing and brilliant.

Get it from Moleskine for $15.95 (mine is in orange yellow!)

Also it looks great piled with your other Moleskines next to a Dwight Shrute stress ball.

(Images my own or via Moleskine)

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