Item of the Day: Meiji Banana Chocolate

Last weekend, I went up to LA and a couple hours before dinner, decided to stop at a Mitsuwa Marketplace for some snacks. FYI, I LOVE Japanese snacks. Koala chocolate cookies, Pocky and Ramune are just some of my favorites.

I wanted to try something new and this little yellow box with a monkey and banana on it stood out to me, so I impulsively bought a few. Now I just wish I bought like ten more, because the candies (Meiji Banana Chocolate) were amazing! A cross between M&Ms and banana flavored Runts, these little mini banana candies taste like the perfect combination of chocolate and banana.

If you’re like me and ambivalent about banana flavored things (for instance, I love banana cream pie but hate banana popsicles), the essence of banana isn’t too overpowering in these candies and actually tastes like banana. The Meiji Banana Chocolate kind of reminds me of Trader Joe’s frozen chocolate-covered bananas but in candy form.

You can buy these chocolate-banana treats here, as well as at any Mitsuwa and 99 Ranch Market.

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