Item of the Day: “Maybe Tonight?” By Bridie Clark

How often have you found yourself enjoying a book and either strongly agreeing or disagreeing with the choices of the main character? When I read a book, I am IN IT. I am feeling everything felt by the characters. I’m rooting for them, and when they do something stupid, I’m scolding them. “C’mon, Sookie! Can we just skip ahead to the moment you realize Eric is the best thing on Earth and pick him??!” But as much as I’d like to advise these characters on their life choices like they’re my besties (yes, I’m that friend), I can’t. Their fates are in the hands of the author. I’m just here to enjoy the show.

Until now..

Maybe Tonight? opens as the reader is getting ready for the most exciting party of the year—Midwinter’s Night Dream, set in the frosty woods just off campus—with her roommates and best friends, Annabel Snow, Spider Harris, and Libby Monroe. Choices unfold quickly and the reader must decide which risks to take in pursuit of social status, adventure, success, and love.

Yes, my book-loving pals, thanks to the brilliance of author Bridie Clark, YOU can control the main character’s journey through this story. Call it a “Choose Your Own Adventure” for the YA crowd. It’s fantastic. It’s unique. You have to flip the pages around a bit when making your choices, but that’s part of the fun!

Maybe Tonight? is on sale TODAY (Aug 6th), so pick up a copy and enjoy your next fictional adventure!