Item of the Day: Maria Bamford’s “Ask Me About My New God!”

Maybe you know her from Louie or Arrested Development. Maybe you don’t know you know her from voice acting gigs like Adventure TimeUnsupervised and WordGirl. Or maybe your one of the unfortunate few that doesn’t know her at all. Not for long.

Maria Bamford is a spectacular comic and her new comedy album “Ask Me About My New God!” (available now) is a 33-track set that will leave you “lizzing” (laughing and whizzing), crying, and snorting uncontrollably. She covers tons of relatable topics from a unique perspective and brilliant delivery. She shares her experience reading Paula Deen’s recipes and how they now read more like suicide notes, her desire to be more spiritual and what believing in God must feel like, and her interest in pretend languages.

Here’s a taste:

“Everyone always says how easy it is to cook, but it is not any easier than uh, not cooking.”

Maria, pretty sure you’re my soulmate.

Buy your copy here.