Item of the Day: Malin & Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

Remember that time when you and I and so many good people switched to natural deodorant? Alarmed by the dangers of aluminum, we bid bye-bye to Ban and headed to the heath food aisle for some organic no-stink-um. The only problem? It didn’t work. Our pits were putrid. Whenever two or more of us gathered in the name of fun, our fetes were fetid. Some were even driven to write about this problem:

But who could blame us? No gal wants to put harsh, possibly cancer causing chemicals directly on her delicate, freshly-shaven underarms, but nor does she want to be a smelly Samantha. So what’s a girl to do?

Thankfully, Malin & Goetz, the hip line of natural skin care embraced by so many in the know, makes a natural deodorant that actually works. One swipe provides an uplifting tingle and an invigorating whiff of eucalyptus and it keeps you odor-free all day. Since I’ve been using my Malin & Goetz, I actually look forward to putting on deodorant. I’m not kidding! I’ve also noticed that I haven’t had to toss as many t-shirts due to unsightly pits stains. It’s more expensive than your average deodorant, but when you take into account the extended life of your white t-shirts, well, it practically pays for itself.