Item of the Day: Major Moonshine Glitter Gel

You don’t have to be a fashionista to know that rainbow hair is everywhere these days, from supermodels to strangers on the subway to all those mean-and-fancy Capitol-dwellers from The Hunger Games. As someone who’s had multi-hued hair for years, lately I’d been itching to try something new.

Enter Major Moonshine glitter hair products. Let me be clear: these are NOTHING like the crappy glittery gels sold at Contempo Casuals in the early ’90s. This product is fierce, made of a super secret formula that provides maximum glitter coverage, insanely bright colors, and supreme longevity. Use it to dazzle up a regular old braid, slick back a boring pony, or just rub it along your hairline to make it seem like your strands naturally grow that way.

Get ahead of the trend and buy one (or all) here.

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