Item of the Day: Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes

Good news, guys. Human companions are no longer necessary in celebrating Valentine’s Day. You are wonderful and it doesn’t matter one bit if you have a date this year or not. And also, Magnolia Bakery has an online store. Who needs a boyfriend when you can have the best salted caramel cupcakes in the world (from the best bakery in the world) shipped to your doorstep? Isn’t this the American dream? Or is it just my recurring daydream? Hmmm…

Magnolia Bakery is a famous NYC-based sweet shop and if you’ve never tried their treats, trust me when I say that they more than live up to the hype. My shipment of cupcakes arrived right when gmail went down a few weeks ago. That afternoon ended in way too many cupcake wrappers on my coffee table and the best sugar coma I’ve ever experienced. Yes, I’m a bit of a stress eater. STEP OFF.

Magnolia has a wide variety of Valentine’s Day treats, winter treats, and everyday treats.

Order here and ENJOY!