Item of the Day: Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions, a gift that keeps on giving – F.O.R! R.E.A.L!

Okay, let’s dissect this…

I love to gift, and I love a bargain – Magazine subscriptions satisfy both cravings.

A quick visit to Amazon and you’ll soon see that you can treat a BFF to a year-long subscription (read: monthly reminder of just how ah-mazing you are) for as little as ten dollars! Yah – NO JOKE – for just a Hamilton, you can send a dozen issues of Elle, Marie Claire, or even Teen Vogue (and sometimes there are $5.00 specials, which REALLY blow my mind, but the enthusiasm here requires seizure-inducing levels of Kanye-esque caps lock so we’ll steer clear of this dangerous detour)

$10.00, huh? All right, let’s peek at my recent credit card purchases floating around this price point: frozen yogurt (for one), 4-pack of Spike energy drink (yes, for one), movie ticket (FINE, for one), glass of wine (this list was a bad idea) – The point here is not to judge my expenses or seemingly sad solo activities, but to realize that ten dollars is a pretty standard “pass go” fee these days. So, to think that a magazine subscription packs soo much bang for the buck, is pretty thrilling.

AND, call me old-fashioned (well, I was born in ’84), but I have never gotten over tangible content – There’s truly no replacement.

1. Pages decorate

2. Text is crucial for ransom notes

3. Magazines smell good

4. Bright and colorful art is great for backing pictures, sending notes

5. Hello, vision boards

… I mean, limitless possibilities, really.

Are you sold yet?

If you’re still on the fence, I encourage you to think about the unparalleled “re-gifting” power magazines possess. Your trash is truly another’s treasure because when you’re finished with the current issue, you can bring it to your local library, doctor’s office, nursing home (puh-lease, it’s never to late to learn “20 Moves from Cuddly to Crazy”), gym, neighbor, neighbor’s neighbor and beyond!

Really, how else can ten dollars go so far, and bring so much joy? Exactly – it can’t, it doesn’t.

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